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Russian women secrets: What to do in order to succeed?

1. First of, you need to register with our site and upload a few pictures of yourself. Make sure these are high-quality pictures as they will give the first impression about you. You can read more about uploading good photos HERE.

2. Take the initiative – women appreciate confidence and energy in men, especially if they are looking for a reliable partner. Writing letters is a very important part of getting to know someone – it’s great if you manage to write about 40-50 of them before deciding whether this person is suitable for you. You can read more about writing to a Russian woman for the first time HERE.

3. Play the field – there is nothing wrong with writing to several women at once. Give full scope to your imagination and don’t be afraid to open up – this way you can count on a sincere and stable relationship with the woman who will be interested in you. Some relationships may not work out well – but you will always have someone else to communicate with.

4. Move on to the next stage – do not procrastinate and keep writing letters if you have been communicating for a long time. Many Russian women consider that a sign of your weakness and shyness – they may think the relationship is never going to become anything more than just exchanging letters. When you feel you are ready to talk in person – ask for her phone number.

5. If the woman you have been communicating with has kids – make sure you ask meaningful questions about them. It’s also great if you feel comfortable talking about serious things – such as family values, love, bringing up kids etc.

6. If after writing and talking on the phone you want to continue the relationship, and every time you hear her voice your heart thumps – don’t lose a moment. You can travel to Russia and meet the woman you like in person. It’s not necessary to stay at her place – there are plenty of hotels, and it could just be the most romantic time for you two. If your relationship develops into something more serious and deep – you have achieved your goal.

7. After meeting the woman you have been communicating with in person do not wait long till offering her to meet again (maybe in your country) or proposing.