How we work

How everything works
1. Once a girl registers with our site her profile is carefully considered by the manager responsible for information processing.
2. Our online database continues to expand – every week some 70-120 profiles or single women from Russia are added to the site.
3. We make sure scammers do not gain access to the site – every week about 50-80 profiles that look suspicious are rejected by our manager.
4. More than 1,000 letters are sent to and received by Russian women daily on this site.
5. Over 300-400 postcards are sent via this site every single day.
6. About 5 video messages are sent by our users daily.
7. Over 200 icebreakers are sent and received to start a new relationship.
8. Over 1,000 winks reach their addressees daily.
9. About 450-550 men travel to Russia every year to meet the woman they got acquainted with in person.
10. About 30-50 profiles a week get deleted by the girls registered on our site as they find a man they are going to start a family with.
11. Our ex-clients keep writing letters thanking us for the services we provided and saying they have finally found the love of their love.