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How to know scam or no? Russian dating site

1. The first thing that should alert you is a GREAT picture posted on the site. These days almost anyone can upload a picture – so if you think this is too good to be true the chances are it really is.

2. Another move scammers often practice is trying to establish a contact with the man using a private e-mail address to communicate outside the site.

3. The next stage is writing letters to each other.

4. One thing that can be a sign of a scammer is that the girls may not agree to give you her phone number always making up excuses. The most typical ones are «I don’t have a phone», «I enjoy talking to you online, why ruin our perfect communication» and some others.

5. Sometimes scammers give themselves away by confessing love too soon trying to keep the man interested. Surely there is love at first sight, but there is no such thing as «love at the second letter».

6. One of the final steps of the scammer is to siphon money from you using whatever methods she can. When things start to get serious and you feel like you want to meet the woman you have been talking to all this time in person she makes the next move closing in on you. Usually this is a story about one of her friends who received an invitation to a foreign country and got to spend some time with the man she met via one of the dating sites. The scammer will use any leverage she thinks she has – these people happen to be excellent psychologists and they can often manipulate the victims to make them offer money.

7. The most important thing you need to remember is – getting a visa (a US or a Schengen visa) is a very complicated process and it’s not just about money. So if the woman you recently met says she would like to spend some time with you but needs money to buy tickets – you need to be very careful. There are many documents required to visit someone abroad if you are travelling from Russia – so if the girl says all she needs for the trip is money… she is probably telling the truth – once she gets the money you will never hear from her again.