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Do people hookup at music festivals when everybody is watching

The musical culture calls for freedom, especially when those are events for youngsters. The famous music festivals in Europe and USA are also known for the public Russian hookups.

It’s basically a part of fun, so nobody is judging. Such spontaneous scenarios can be found on Youtube or Instagram, but mostly folks are sharing this content via the messengers like WhatsApp.

The specialists are discussing the possible reasons why all musical events are so attractive for the horny personals. Yet, the psychology of this phenomenon is very well studied and understood.

  • Alcohol driven behavior. Of course, such massive parties are accompanied with the alcohol and sometimes other entertaining substances. It makes people braver.
  • The power of solidarity. When we are united with the others via the festive or easy-going atmosphere, we want to respond to it properly and get as wild as we can.
  • The rhythms and melodies. The music impact on people’s emotions and hormones is enormous. It feels so natural to get in tune and enjoy the night to the fullest.
  • Fancy and cool looks. Most of folks put efforts to look hot and stylish when they attend festivals. Their physical attractiveness turns us on as well.