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5 steps towards successful online communication with Russian ladies

1.   Clearly define what you expect from your future Russian bride.

It’s important to decide what you expect from your future bride. You need to define your priorities and choose according to certain criteria. Think whether you are ready to make peace with some traits of her character or they are more likely to ruin your relationship in the end. Ask yourself questions – such as would you like her to have a certain job? Should she speak your language fluently? Can she have children of her own? Does appearance matter? Is there something that is absolutely unacceptable in the woman you are trying to find? Finally ask yourself whether your demands are realistic enough – otherwise you are running the risk of never finding a woman that could make you happy.

2.   Think what she may be expecting from you

It’s a good idea to picture the woman you would like to meet and imagine how she would behave and what she would say in certain situations. Think about where she lives, what she does to earn her living, and most importantly – what she is looking for in a man. Do you think you are ready to offer her something she would like to have in exchange for her love and trust? Some men seem to think that bringing a woman to the country of their residency is enough to start a serious relationship – and certainly there are some women for whom this is the ultimate goal of getting acquainted with a foreigner, but you don’t really want to be that man. If you think you may not exactly fit the requirements of the woman you pictured consider going back to step one and redefining your own requirements.

3.   Create an image of yourself that you could stick to

When communicating with Russian women on the site, even though you may see some of their pictures, there are still many things that are left to the imagination. Before you start writing letters and calling some women you are interested in think about your own image – i.e. how you would like them to see you. Are you energetic, initiative and self-confident, or romantic, charming and calm? Would you rather spend an evening watching some chick flick with her or do you prefer activities like skiing or cycling together? Just make sure you do not get carried away – this is just to add to your image and let the girl see you for what you really are, not to invent non-existent qualities you do not possess. Remember that once you meet in person, your excessive eloquence in describing yourself and trying to be someone you are not may result in a major disappointment.

4.   Act instead of waiting around

With thousands and thousands of profiles uploaded by Russian women looking for a man, waiting for someone to contact you doesn’t make too much sense. The database of any dating site is constantly growing – offering more opportunities for you. If you notice a girl you like – do not hesitate to send her a postcard or do something as simple as wink at her – you may be the first guy who was brave enough to give her some sign of attention, and this is something women always appreciate. The more women you attempt to contact – the higher your chances. The worst thing that can happen to you is you do not get a reply – so keep trying until you succeed. Also don’t be afraid to ask questions you think are important and always make sure you listen carefully. If you managed to get her phone number – this is a very significant step, so prepare for the conversation to make a good impression.

5.   Always keep a stiff upper lip.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you register with any dating site is: online services of this kind can not guarantee a relationship with a supermodel who would instantly fall in love with you and will start planning your future years ahead. Online dating agencies have the only goal – to provide their clients with a wider choice of people of the opposite sex. Looking for a partner – especially if you are going to get married and create a family – is not easy; it takes time, effort and diligence – but it’s totally worth it. At some point you may find yourself wondering if all your attempts are doomed to failure and you will never succeed in finding that special someone. This is when you need to reconsider some of the methods you are using and maybe review your requirements – they may be too high, or you are not being active enough, waiting for your destiny to find you. No relationship comes gift-wrapped – you have to put a lot of effort into it to make it work. Don’t get disappointed and remember the old saying: «He that seeks shall find».